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Welcome to our quaint and cozy Victorian cottage nestled in the heart of historic downtown Pensacola. Upon entering great things await you and your eyes will feast upon the wide collection of beads, rocks, crystals and jewelry. We select our beads from all over the world and some are made by local artisans. You are able to pick up, look at and touch the beads, most are not pre-packaged so that you can hand select the beads perfect for the project you have in mind. Take a stroll through our entire store and see our wide display of beaded and wire wrapped jewelry and crystals.  This is a wonderful escape for those in your group to relax as the crafter sorts through the selections of beads and baubles, offering something for everyone.

tea-ppcYou are welcome to sit and enjoy your tea at our large beading table and begin your project having all beads at your disposal so you can create as you go, without the worry of having forgotten something. We will assist beginners and finish off your project for free.

Should you need help with your damaged jewelry, we are available to make those repairs!  We are highly skilled at jewelry repairs and modifications, with many years of experience.

We offer weekly beading basic classes as well as special beading and jewelry making classes throughout the year.

You can reserve A Bead and Crystal House after-hours for your own private bead party, the price includes supplies for a necklace and bracelet, staff support and we will attach the clasps for you, for a minimal fee of $20 per person. You are welcome to bring in food and beverage of your choice to celebrate the company and the occasion.

We are grateful to serve you and provide you with a wonderful beading experience.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the products we sell!